My pottery is made out of local clay, which is dug about an hour from where I live. It is very unusual, since it vitrifies at 1120C and has a very narrow firing range, between vitrification and melting. It is lovely to work with, especially on the wheel, where all my pots are made. But it is very difficult to get glaze recipies for, since it falls neither in the earthenware nor in the stoneware category. I use mostly commercial glazes, some being specially made here in Austria for that particular clay, others are earthenware glazes, which I alter a bit to make them fit. I have an electric kiln. I feel that pottery should be functional, a teapot or pitcher should pour well without dripping, a mug should feel good to drink from, if they are beautiful on top of it, so much the better. I make no claim to be an artist, I am happy to be a craft person.

I live on an old farm in Austria, close to Vienna, and my workshop is the old pigsty. We made a few changes, insulated it, made the windows a bit larger, so there is more light. It is quite small, (which is one reason I don't make my own glazes, I wouldn't know where), but it serves it's purpose very well.